Augmented Reality

Heritage West Coast has created a number of augmented reality tours for people to experience the West Coast’s rich history.

In order to experience the augmented reality tours – you must firstly download and install a free app to your phone.

(click icon to download app)

iphone app

 iphone app


android app

Android app


(if you’re having problems accessing the downloads page – visit¬†

1. Follow the instructions on the phone to signup.














Click Submit to complete the process – the screen will change to

a log in screen, enter your login details and continue.

2. Click “Nearby” to view scenes in your location – tap the scene to open














3. Scroll along the page to read the back story of the tour.














4. Tap the “Map” to view your current location and the location of the markers














5. Tap “Instructions” to view instructions on how best view the tour.















6. Enjoy the tour!!

Don’t forget to leave us some feedback – whether you enjoyed the tour or

things that could be improved to make the tour even better.


Thanks from Heritage West Coast