Arahura Bridge Heritage Park

Arahura Bridge Heritage Park Arahura Bridge - Howe Truss Arahura Bridge Heritage Park - Arahura River Memorial and Plaque Arahura - New Bridge Under Construction
This heritage park is well worth a visit. The Arahura River is important for its significance as a major source of pounamu. The reserve was set aside in 1860 when the Deed of Westland was signed between West Coast Maori and the Crown. The riverbed remains privately owned by descendants under the Mawhera Incorporation.

The Arahura Bridge Heritage Park was created in 2010 at the time the roal rail bridge was replaced.

Features of the site include a plaque commemorating the signing of the Deed of Westland and an information panel with background of the significance of pounamu and its ownership.

The site also contains a span of the Arahura Road Rail bridge. This Howe truss bridge was built in 1886-88 and was actively used until 2009. The interpretive panels provide detail on the former bridge and its replacement coupled with an interesting history of the early bridges.