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Sat 23 May 2015

Launch of  the Heritage West Coast  Strategic Vision 2015 and next Heritage Forum

We have an excellent day planned as you will see on the programme. Lots of work has gone in to organising this. Thanks to those involved. We look forward to experiencing the new Marae. It will also be fabulous to have Jennie Harre Hindmarsh back with us.

A few things to note please:

·         We have had to put a small charge of $30 which is largely covering the food as we don’t have funding for this event. We have managed to run all other forums at no cost so feel for such a great event, it shouldn’t be an issue.

·         Dinner on Saturday night – we will enjoy the Seddon Menu at the Kumara Hotel. If you would like to attend please let us know however you will also have to ring the Theatre Royal Hotel,  03 736 9277, say you are with the Heritage Forum and make your booking. We will not be making bookings (other than guests) for the dinner.

·         If you are interested in attending a pre or post conference event, please indicate this as soon as possible. If there are numbers we will organise these.

If you have any questions and to register please email

AND REMEMBER – please reply asap –  by the 14th May with an email back to me.