Westland Industrial Heritage Park

The Industrial Park was formed to save the last remaining industrial type relics that shaped the Westland District into what it is today, engines that drove sawmills, trucks and equipment that “constructed” the West Coast. The aim is to restore this heritage to working order and present it to the local district, visitors, tourists and like minded groups and individuals. The Park is involved with local A& P shows, parades, displays and specialty events.

Location: 2nd road on the right on the way up to the Hokitika airport

Opening hours: Saturdays 0900 to 1600hrs, Club night is 1800 to 2030hrs every Wednesday night. Open by arrangement through-out the week and members are on site on a regular basis. A notice at the gate gives contact numbers for visitors to phone if the gate is locked.

Contact people:

Mike Rooney (President)  755 6688

Ian Gilbertson (Secretary)  755 7438

Ray Schimanski (Treasurer)  755 7451

Neal Houston 755 6775

Jim Staton 0274 433 551

Membership: currently around 18