Greymouth Heritage Trust


The Greymouth Heritage Trust is made up of a diverse group of like minded people who are interested in restoring, maintaining and promoting heritage items of interest in Greymouth and the Grey District.


We would love new members, so if you are keen on joining us please contact one of the following people:

Chairperson Stewart Nimmo 03 768 6499
Deputy Chairperson Karen Jury 03 769 8600
Secretary Rosie McGrath 03 768 1160
Treasurer David Stapleton 03 762 6515


We meet on the third Wednesday of each month at the historic Harbour Board Building on Gresson Street in Greymouth. Meetings usually start at 5.30pm and follow a casual format.  Minutes are taken.  You can attend meetings OR just become a member of the Trust and receive email and newsletter updates about projects we are working on.


Some of the Greymouth Heritage Trust goals are to:

-          Preserve and enhance the historic character of Greymouth’s heritage

-          Promote and facilitate the on-going use of Greymouth’s heritage as a viable and living part of the community

-          Utilise Greymouth’s heritage as a focus for tourism development

-          Utilise heritage to promote employment initiatives and job opportunities

-          Encourage the community to preserve and enhance buildings which have historical or architectural significance


Some of the recent successful projects that this group has been a part of are –

  • The Coal River Heritage Park and Walkway
  • The interpretation/story panels in the information kiosk on the floodwall
  • The relocation and restoration of the Greymouth Signal Box
  • The Railway Heritage Park (featuring the Cobden Bridge remnant)
  • And the group is a lead party in the ‘Greymouth Town Development Strategy’.